About Us

We are a new company entering the business world and we're so excited to start helping people with our products! Our HALOS are all handmade by our founder Cat. From cutting, sewing, and stuffing - to packaging and shipping, we make every order with care and love!

With multiple collections you're sure to find exactly what you need. And with both the pillow and covers being washable, you will get thousands of uses out of your HALO.

All About Me

My name is Catherine (Cat) Moeglin and I founded Perfectly Pierced LLC in 2019. I have 10+ piercings and I love them all so much! But with most of my piercings I experienced horrible irritation & infections from sleeping on them. I wanted to help others avoid that same pain, so I designed the HALO Piercing Pillow. Because nobody should have to lose sleep over their piercings!


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the pierced community with a comfortable way to sleep with and heal new piercings We want to help to preserve the investment you've put into your piercings. While also preventing any sleepless nights and unnecessary pain.