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Hear what our customers have to say about our Piercing Pillows! Or leave your own review by clicking the button below.

Abi Zeckendorf

Beautiful quality, super comfy and great packaging! Thank you! My ear doesn't hurt when I wake up anymore!

Brian Taylor

The pillow is the perfect size! I recently got a new upper lobe and helix piercings and I've been really worried about them not healing correctly! The fabric is super soft, and I really love the Halloween orange for it!! The material is super comfortable!

Hillary Sanchez

Such great quality! I have piercings that needed healing even after 2 years of having them. I always slept on them, this pillow is literally my life saver!

Cloe Prevost

The personal service is perfect! I love the pillow, it has literally saved my ears!! I sleep so well with it!

Makenzie Laws

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. You were so helpful with the mix-up with PayPal and my last name being wrong. I just received the pillow today and the quality is superb!

Maria Viaanco

I ordered over the holidays and I was expecting it to take much longer than it actually did! I got an email about 2 weeks later saying it was on it's way! Great customer service! And I just love the quality of my HALO! My left ear has been slightly irritated since I sleep on that side and the first night I noticed a dramatic decrease in swelling!

Saryna Solano

This pillow is AMAZING! Not only does it work perfectly, but it is also so comfortable! I've tried using a regular travel pillow in the past to keep my piercings safe while I sleep, but they just hurt my neck. And they did not provide a space big enough for my entire ear. This is the BEST product for keeping your new piercings safe!

Great customer service and a great product. Will definitely recommend to others.

Christie Eryn

I have been able to sleep comfortably for the first time since I got my piercings! I had trouble with previous piercings getting infected, but ever since I started sleeping with my HALO my newest piercing has been really happy! I also love that they're washable!

Taylor Hopson

First off this is actually the best pillow I've ever had! I will literally never stop recommending this pillow! At first the price really intimidated me ($100 for the organic raw cotton pillow with satin case) but it's worth every penny. So if you're debating buying, go for it! As a girl with 22 piercings this pillow has saved my life. I am a side sleeper on both sides and I have never been more comfortable sleeping with piercings new and old. I haven't had any irritations on my piercings since I started using this pillow a few moths back. 

In addition I also recently ordered a 'Zero Waste Pillow Case' and I love how unique and cute it is! I will forever have one of these pillows!

Lucille Danenhauer

Love that you threw in an extra pillow case for being the 1000th order! What an awesome way to give back to your customers. Also love that you do giveaways and are always looking for customer feedback. Pillow is great. Quality of sewing is great. Overall awesome product that I am so happy to own!


The comfiest pillow ever. And I've bought so many piercing pillows! This one is the best I've had! Save your money looking for other pillows. This one is a keeper! Already ordered another one.

Katherine White

Owner was super helpful and the pillow is a must have! I still use my pillow a year after getting my piercing and can't sleep without it!

Arianna Santana

I have 12 ear piercings and plan to get more. This pillow is LIFE CHANGING. No more pain or discomfort while sleeping! The pillow is so comfortable and the quality is amazing.


The pillow was even more amazing than I thought! I still sleep with it and my ears are healed. This pillow is literally LIFE! It didn't arrive until my ears were almost healed but it truly made a huge difference in my overall comfort!

Alexandra Runnels

This pillow has a nice height to it! I can be sure my ear will not touch anything. My previous pillow (from another maker) was quite small so sometimes my ear and piercings touched the bed! I also love that the pillowcases are removable and washable!

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